Dalian Shengyu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an international woodwork manufacturer, specializing in the production, sale, design and development of a variety of woodwork, such as engineered flooring, solid wood flooring, carbonized flooring, art parquet flooring, wooden wall panel and engineered vinyl flooring.
Our factory was established in 2000, located in the beautiful coastal city, Dalian. We have extremely convenient conditions of sea, land and air transportation. After years of market development, we have created a new brand---ZHUOERYOUYUE, which has strong economic strength and rich international manufacturing experience.
Zhuoer selects popular elements from all over the world, extracts the essence of wood, and has molded a series of international styles, for example, European Fashion, Charm, Elegance, Simplicity. Our products are sold to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries. We have become one of the largest woodwork export enterprises in China, enjoying high recognition from overseas customers and good international reputation.
It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. Adhering to European precision manufacturing technology, Zhuoer has introduced advanced production equipment from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the domestic suppliers. We’ve developed and researched the solid wood carbonization production technology. We can produce the stable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, textured and beautiful solid wood products. Strength makes glory, quality creates the brand. Dalian Shengyu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd is committed to providing the high quality housing culture for China and the whole world, which is supported by our advanced concepts, management, new technology, unique products and perfect service.
Being remarkable, being reputable is our persistent goal. We look forward to working with you hand in hand and striving to create a comfortable, elegant and different household life.
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